Retail Design

The new high end perfume brand, The Harmonist, calls for the designer Alnoor to create its Paris and Los Angeles flagships.

Combining  “French spirit” with contemporary attitude in keeping with the unexpected Feng Shui constraints… an aesthetic challenge succeeded by the director of the design agency, Objets de Convoitises.

The Harmonist approaches perfumes with a new made to measure angle, according to one of your five natural elements : water, fire, earth, wood and metal.

From the Feng Shui Master plan which divides the boutique surface into different parts of fire, energy, water and prosperity etc.. Alnoor uses for the 100m2, black marquina colonnade from Carrara, semi-precious Malachite fountain, French wooden floor with Italian callacata, hanging from the ceiling, garden globes, revisited stylish pieces of furniture, and even a Louis XV fireplace decorated with seashells moulding.

Even if Alnoor designs a neoclassical chandelier and rely on the Italian craftmanship of Murano’s Maison Veronese to carry it out, he also calls for the best French craftsmen and the most beautiful material to realize this architectural project.

One can note the mysterious olfactorium, a glass dome, perforated and fixed on a marble base, allowing to discover a collection of ten fragrances with a hyper olfactory restitution, as oenologists would do with wine.

The use of black and white, as the yin and the yang, creates a zen and  ethereal atmosphere, with reference to classic architecture opposed to luxurious modernity, Alnoor’ s trademark, The Harmonist is elevated to the rank of international luxury brands.

Paris – 36, avenue George V – 75008 Paris FRANCE.

Los Angeles – 8483 Melrose Place – CA 90069

Client          THE HARMONIST
Interior Design
Year            2015