DIACASAN aims at modernizing  a traditionnal know how by creating carpet with noble raw materials en éditant des tapis de matières nobles (wool, vegtetable silk …). Alnoor brings a brand new look on DIACASAN’s creation.

Using the principle a new technique, Alnoor imagines a new carpet collection revisiting the the traditionnal Kilim.

On these carpets, the original thread, usually hidden, is deliberataly shown as a geometrical pattern runs through the whole carpet surface.

This vision emphasizes the emptiness as much as what one can see, it brings importance to the final object and its manufacturing process.

Instead of saturating the main thread with more fabric, the idea is to let it show and even dye it to as to build the graphic pattern around this emptiness.

A wink to different techniques, all exemplaries of Alnoor collection for Diacasan functions as a “trompe l’oeil”, with minimalist and geometrical codes, almost reaching for kinetic art.

A new language praising emptiness expressed on a carpet creation.

Cotton and vegetale silk.

height : 118.1 inch / length : 78.7 inch


Client         DIACASAN
Year            2012