Sublimating Table

Sublimating Table

Dressing table and stool

8 copies, signed and numbered.
(2 prototypes & 2 author’s copies).

The functionality of a dressing table relies on appearances and cosmetic details: sublimating, dressing or sometimes concealing. The mirror’s message is in complete agreement with this meaning and places the user in an open scenario, comforting him or her in their quest for beauty.

Curved mirror stainless steel metal structure and work surface made from white Corian. Two-way mirror with infrared detection system and LED lighting, frame made of laser-cut mirror stainless steel.

Mirror stainless steel structure, white velvet.

h : 120 cm
w : 130 cm
d : 49.5 cm

h : 45 cm
w : 33 cm
d : 28 cm

Client          GALERIE DE CASSON
Category    Furniture
Year            2010